I feel like I'm in high school again

I've been dating this guy for like 4 or 5 months now (remember that guy who said no to being my boyfriend? Changed his mind pretty fast when I said adios if that was the case). Anyway, so we're really gross and overly affectionate all of the time. Tonight is a rare night where I won't be sleeping with him because I'm… » 2/21/15 9:42pm 2/21/15 9:42pm

I think some women like 50SoG because it portrays an unhealthy relationship. It's a little bit more like real life. We've all been there where we wanted someone so badly who was totally and completely the worst for us. » 2/12/15 10:44am 2/12/15 10:44am

No questions, but my mom had the same type of incisions with her breast reduction and has very very minimal scarring. Like you can't even tell unless she goes looking for them (my mom really likes to show her boobs off when people ask her about it). » 11/06/14 12:40pm 11/06/14 12:40pm

My ex-husband works for a well known insurance company selling auto and home insurance, and it's actually not like a typical sales job. There is no cold-calling where he works, and people call him looking for quotes and information on insurance. It's a lot easier to sell than a lot of other goods and services because… » 11/05/14 3:39pm 11/05/14 3:39pm

I'm touching up my pink bangs and maybe seeing if I can score some clearance halloween stuff. Then I'm going to go to a halloween party. Then I'm going to goth night at a local club, it's going to be excellence! » 10/31/14 10:11am 10/31/14 10:11am